New Field Representative Interest Submission

Sand Castle Field Services is always looking to establish new relationships with high quality field service representatives. If you currently provide these services or are looking to form a new partnership, please complete the brief survey below to begin a dialog. If your interest submission is approved you will receive an email with a username and password to fill out our online application.

Contact Information
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Services Offered
Please indicate whether you are able to perform each of the services offered below.
Field Visits Assist clients in re-establishing communication with their customers and deliver personalized and confidential correspondence while inspecting and photographing property.
Inspection Services Visually inspect real estate, leased vehicles, equipment, or any other types of property. Provide a detailed condition report and digital photos of the property.
Commercial Inspection Services Visually inspect commercial property. Provide a detailed condition report and digital photos of the property.
Valuation Services Provide the opinion of a licensed real estate professional.
Property Preservation Provide all services necessary to protect and preserve real estate in accordance with industry property preservation standards.

Additional Information
Please provide additional detail regarding the type of services that you would like to provide on behalf of Sand Castle Field Services.

Please provide detail regarding the geographic service area that you can provide. The detail for this preliminary review can just consist of a simple list of cities or counties. If approved, you will be asked to provide a detailed list of zip codes that you can service.

Please provide any additional information regarding how you can benefit Sand Castle's unique client base.